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electric bikes


Fat bikes - All models

Algi ebikes Fat Bikes are the ideal solution for those who love to travel in complete comfort.

We offer a wide choice of colours, in glossy finishes for an elegance that does not go unnoticed and matt for an aggressive and sporty look.

The 20-inch wheels ensure stability on every journey, giving a pleasant and relaxing driving experience. The massive tires ensure safe pedaling on all types of terrain, especially on rough terrain and uneven surfaces. The rear luggage rack welded to the frame guarantees greater safety for transporting the child. Mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes significantly reduce the braking distance, giving an unforgettable driving experience.


Electric bikes - City Bikes

The Algi ebikes City Bikes are aimed at a public that does not like compromises on quality and reliability and that loves to travel long distances in complete safety and comfort. The autonomy of our e-bikes is guaranteed by the innovative Samsung and LG batteries. The Shimano drivetrain offers a smooth and smooth ride path. Climbs have never been easier thanks to the Yadea central engine which guarantees silence and reliability.

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