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algi electric bike company
Algi ebikes ufficio

Algi motors electric technology is a young company in the field of green mobility. However, the thirty-year experience of the owner and his staff in the import, creation and design of products have meant that the company also developed in the field of eco mobility.

We develop, design and test our products thanks to the experience acquired from 1995 to today.

Our mission is to create a better future and we believe in eco-sustainability.

Our products vary from ebikes, electric pedal scooters and electric kick scooters, but our goal is to further expand our product range in order for every means of transport to be electric and therefore with zero pollution emissions.

Our strengths are reserved in the quality of the products and in the service offered to the customer in terms of after-sales assistance, we do not only sell e-bikes but we offer a service and we take care of the final customer's satisfaction.

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